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Rapid prototyping of software for innovative medical device using CamiTK.

CamiTK is a specific modular framework that helps researchers and clinicians to collaborate in order to prototype software for innovative medical device by using the best knowledge and know-how during all the required steps.

CamiTK is an open-source, cross-platform generic tool, written in C++, which can handle medical images, surgical navigations and biomechanical simulations.


Speedernet, e-learning service company, designs and develops a tool, Sphere, that aims at creating educational web content, that can be viewed in virtual reality.

Sphere is a full web environment, which allows:
- to load 360 resources : pictures, videos, 3D modeling;
- to load enrichment resources: images, videos, sounds, texts;
- to edit 360 degrees environments: positioning of points of interest (enrichment) and settings (active or inactive state of a point of interest, consequent actions to user choice, conditionals shares, ...)
- the creation of any type of scenario, for a variety of user experiences: playable tours, treasure hunts, investigation, exploration, etc.

Sphere is a solution based on HTML5 and WebGL standards


Real-time gait controller for partially immersed bipeds.

Our system is a physics-based controller capable of real-time and interactive simulation of walking motions for partially immersed bipeds. The controller allows a fully automatic adaptation of the gait style according to environmental conditions such as the liquid height and the required character's velocity. Our controller also allows the precise control over the character's velocity. This system can be used to generate realistic animations while a character is moving across a volume of liquid. Current developments are extending this system to a larger variety of motions and interactions with more versatile and more realistic fluids.

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